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Upcoming Events:

July 12th - Birthday/Anniversary potluck dinner after morning worship

August 9th - Potluck dinner after morning worship

Most recent sermon:
March 1st


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July Birthdays:

5th: Terry D.
5th: Janice P.
8th: Deisnyk M.
12th: Jeff P.
14th: Jace W.
22nd: Carla W.
24th: Neilan F.
24th: Mac S.
25th: Ernest C.
28th: Rubi R.
30th: Brenda F.
30th: Kandice H.

July Anniversaries:

2nd: Terry & Gary D.

August Birthdays:

16th: Rick B.
21st: Haroldetta R.
24th: Nancy P.
27th: Bobbie A.

August Anniversaries:

5th: Carolyn & Harold E.
21st: Carolyn & Sammy F.

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