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Upcoming Events:

October 11th - Potluck dinner after morning worship

November 8th - Birthday/Anniversary potluck dinner after morning worship

Most recent sermon:
March 1st


If you would like to know more about how you can help, please contact one of the Elders.

September Birthdays:

7th: Staci W.
8th: Bonnie B.
22nd: Mechelle W.
23rd: Don H.
24th: Martin U.
24th: Mary F.
29th: Cindy U.

September Anniversaries:

13th: Angela & Hermon K.

October Birthdays:

2nd: Carolyn F.
4th: Angela W.
5th: Jacobe K.
6th: Khyla H.
6th: Kirstin W.
9th: Diane T.
10th: Ariel B.
23rd: Craig S.
29th: Norman J.
29th: Diane W.
30th: Gary D.
30th: Curtis D.

October Anniversaries:


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