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Upcoming Events:

November 8th - Birthday/Anniversary potluck dinner after morning worship

December 13th - Potluck dinner after morning worship

Most recent sermon:
March 1st

Online Bible Study

Curious about the Bible?

Or ever wanted an easy, no pressure way to find out
what "God's Word" is all about?

Do You Have Spiritual Questions?

Are you bewildered at all you hear about "spirituality"?

Learn from the Bible by mail or online-for FREE!
Learn in your home, at your pace, with "pen-pal" helpers and
online friends - with no one knocking on your door.

Learn more at:


October Birthdays:

2nd: Carolyn F.
4th: Angela W.
5th: Jacobe K.
6th: Khyla H.
6th: Kirstin W.
9th: Diane T.
10th: Ariel B.
23rd: Craig S.
29th: Norman J.
29th: Diane W.
30th: Gary D.
30th: Curtis D.

October Anniversaries:


November Birthdays:

1st: Rodney C.
5th: Charlene S.
5th: Tonya H.
6th: Marketta H.
7th: Lorene C.
7th: Horace T.
16th: Alta Rae D.
17th: Darene F.
19th: Paris R.

November Anniversaries:

23rd: Mechelle & Corey W. Sr.

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